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The quiet world of Brother Barnabus isn't all sweetness and light. His altercations with his beloved bees and "Him up there" lead to some hilarious situations.

Man may learn lessons from bees and while his curiosity about them continues there is hope for world sanity.

The beemaster and master bee may hold some clues to life. Why does this small insect with a sting in his tail provide a link with civilisations and religions of the world?

It is said that if every bee in the world were to be wiped out, life as we know it would screech to a halt in six years.To bee or not bee ... you might say!

The show is co-written and directed by Chris Denys.

"A rare comic in the best music-hall tradition, with a side-splitting story of sweetness and light. Harris does it again! "

"An eclectic mix of philosophy, religion, natural history, and the theory and practice of beekeeping sprinkled throughout with Chris's wit and humour and with liberal doses of pantomime."
Alan Campion