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The foll
owing workshops, talks and lectures
are currently available:

- Lectures and Teaching
- General Drama Workshop
- Mime and Movement
- Make-up
- Voice and Speech Training: Confidence Booster
- The Art Of Pantomime
- The Energy of Comedy
- Shakespeare Workshops
- The Art of the Clown
- Victorian Comic Characters
- Tell your Story
- How to make a Fool of Yourself and get away with it!
- Travels Abroad with Shows: Directing Different Cultures
- Use of Cultural Heritage as a Source for One-Man Shows
- The History and Art of Punch and Judy
- Puppets as a Source of Expression
- Travels with Kemp's Jig
- An Actor's Life for me
- Randolph Sutton: Bristol's Famous Light Comedian
- Life upon the Wicked Stage: Wicked or Not?
- Use of Drama in the Teaching of English