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Use Of Drama In The
Teaching Of English

This workshop is aimed at groups where English is the second language and was originally conducted for The British Council International Summer School programme 1996 & 1997

The aim of the workshop is to offer a range of practical ideas in the use of drama for the teaching of English where English is the second language. Each day starts with sessions concerned with movement and speech on the basis that freedom of movement leads to freedom of speech. Topics studied will include:

- the study of the set text, bringing it alive
- physical drama, imporvisation, role-play and the use of dance in drama
- choral speaking, and speaking as one
- public speaking and debating societies
- the spoken word, clarity in communication skills, the interview
- the school play, problems and answers, team building
- taking drama into the community, developing stories from local issues
- writing a play with a group
- mime and freeing the spirit
- the use of puppetry in developing the child's personality, shyness
- story-telling techniques
- appreciating Shakespeare, the man and his times

The workshop will be of interest to teachers who would like to explore the idea of using drama in the teaching of English. They may be just starting or may be looking for new stimuli in this area of teaching. It would aim to improve the standard of speech in the classroom and also to develop both the participants'and their students' levels of confidence through classroom drama.

The workshop can be adjusted to local needs and time available.