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Kemp's Jig
Kemp's Jig tells the story of one man's Morris Dance from London to
Norwich. A true story worthy of the Guinness Book of Records.
Will Kemp. a purveyor of "mad jests and merry jigs", was a famous
Elizabethan actor and a shareholder with Shakespeare in the
Company of the Lord Chamberlain's Men.

It is probable that many of the Bard's comic roles were written with
Kemp in mind. Touchstone, Dogberry and Launcelot Gobbo were
brought to life for the first time in Kemp's person.

Besides his fame as Shakespeare's clown, he achieved renown for
his Morris Dancing. He performed the remarkable feat of dancing
from London to Norwich, a distance of 125 miles, in nine days.
He later recorded this journey in his book "Kemps Nine Daies Wonder" on which the show is based.
("Will Kemp, Shakespeare's Forgotten Clown" written by Chris Harris is published by Kylin Press.)

Kemp's Jig has been seen at the Royal National Theatre, the Royal Shakespeare Company, on
television, heard on the radio and seen in 57 countries throughout the world thanks to the many international
festivals visited and the British Council.

Workshops are available with Kemp's Jig including a one hour show called Shakes-Kids which is an introduction to Shakespeare for 5-11 year olds.

"A wonderfully sustained piece of clowning and story-telling."
Ned Chaillet, The Times

"Brilliant in conception and execution, I reckon that 'Kemp's Jig' can run as long as Harris can keep up the
energy level needed. A masterpiece of comic acting."

Allen Sadler, The Guardian

"An enthralling evening in company with a theatrical original - and there aren't many of them about."
Laurie Landray, The Herald, Melbourne

"It's brilliant, irreverend and bawdy - a side-splitting laugh a minute."
Kerry Sharp Darwin, The Northern Territories Times

"One of the finest one-man shows, quite unique with its combination
of interests and its mastery of style, a classic in fact"

John Dent-Young, South China Morning Post, Hong Kong

"Chris Harris is a one man cast of thousands"
Wells Festival