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How To Make A Fool Of Yourself
Of It And Get Away With It!

This workshop is aimed at anyone working on a one-to-one basis - from teachers (for whom the workshop was originally devised) to nurses, probation officers, priests, interviewers, parents with disadvantaged children...in fact anyone who works in a close situation with others:

It is about you and the use of humour in communication. If you are stuck behind a computer or with a group of people who need stimulating, you may wonder if you are becoming boring. The answer is ... you probably are.

For a few hours - a weekend is best - you will set out out to reveal your own comedic potential, your own clown figure. Don't panic, it's all good fun. Make all those boring facts you have to tell people interesting. The energy of comedy is infectious.

Through games and exercises, many of which have an actor/clown basis, we shall endeavour to reduce the boredom factor, release the tinker within, and replace it with the smile factor.

As someone once said, "The shortest distance between two people is a smile."

This is a practical workshop and participants should wear appropriate clothes.