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That's The Way To Do It!
That's The Way To Do It! traces the history of our love of the seaside.
The play portrays 300 years of seaside fun as seen through the eyes of three descendant generations of Punch and Judy men.

In 1730, Martin Powell, bewigged and pomanded, sets up his booth for the nobs on Brighton Beach. In 1850 Professor Powell discusses his loathing of children and his puppets. His aspirations lie in the Music Hall. In 1914, at the start of the First World War, Uncle Jack Powell puts Punch into a tin hat and assures his audience that the problems won't last beyond Christmas.

This production was
commissioned by, and shown on, BBC Television. It has travelled abroad and was performed for the Royal Family on the occasion of the Queen's birthday.

A family show suitable for children aged 8 and over. Written bv Chris Harris & John David and directed for TV by Patrick Taggart .

"I laughed til I cried, no I really did, laughed til I cried."
John Dent, South China Post

"The joy and laughter he produces through the exercise of his superb comic techniques as an actor are reinforced by the gentle wisdom which is the fruit of his exploration as a writer."
Gilliam, Theatre Australia

"Everyone should take the opportunity to catch this brilliant hilarious comic genius."
G Millar, The Examiner, Tasmania

"A brilliant one-man show...stand up comedy and exuberant puppetry in a wildly funny and at times poignant programme."
CVR, Eastern Daily Press, Bury St Edmonds

"Chris is a big knockout! A blend of perceptive ad-libbing, humourous characterisation and downright daft slapstick humour."
Evening Post, Weston-super-Mare

"I'm not sure whether Chris Harris will develop into the best comedy actor around or a variety star. A one off original that does not fit into any category."
Allen Sadler, The Guardian