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The Art Of Pantomime
A structured weekend (Saturday and Sunday
10am - 4pm) course on the skills and traditions of the British pantomime. Among the subject areas covered would be:

- General skills, juggling, simple falls
- A brief history of the tradition, from the Commedia Dell'Arte through to the French tradition and on to the Harliquinades and panto as we know it today
- Immortal characters, baddies and goodies, hiss and boo
- Principal boys
- Principal girls
- The Dame character
- Light comics: Buttons and silly Billys
- Transformations: how to do them cheaply and look good
- Panto animals from the cat to the goose....and of course not forgetting the cow!
- Double acts, comedy police
- The song-sheet: how to run and what to do
- The walk down: order and how it works
- Write your own script: study of scenes and text
- Routines: traditional ones for you to try
- Props and effects
- Settings for the story: gauzes and styles
- How to make slosh for wet scenes; how to clear up!

All the above will be touched upon with participants able to have a go at prepared scripts. It will be a practical
workshop and active workshop and participants should wear appropriate clothes.

Pantomimes covered: Dick Whitington, Mother Goose, Aladdin, Robinson Crusoe, Jack and the Beanstalk and

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