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The Energy
Of Comedy

The techniques of the great clowns can help you to cope with your daily work!

The clown represents balance, pricking pretensions and making us look at ourselves realistically.
What for? To establish enjoyable relationships.

Everyone has an inner clown, but we rarely bother to find it. Recognising the humour in our problems can be very constructive. Laughter is healing.

We'll play with non-verbal communication, mime, Commedia Dell'Arte, timing, situation comedy, slapstick and the frivolous and outrageous sides of ourselves

It is not the intention to learn how to put on a painted face. The value lies in the inernal make-up of the clown and his ability to make positive communication. To this end the workshop has already been used for in-service training for teachers, social workers, probation officers, parents, health workers and priests - in fact anyone working in a one-to-one situation.

Don't miss miss this one ... and bring stitches to fix split sides!

This is a practical workshop and participants should wear appropriate clothes